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Michele Meiche "Awakenings"

"Be as a blade of grass in the wind..."

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Music to Inspire Your Soul
24 hours/365 Days a Year
The Cosmic Dimensions Radio music inventory currently consists of over 4400 songs covering the entire gamut of New Age/Ambient, Folk, Native American, Eastern, Celtic, Acoustic, Electronic styles of music, plus much more.

Here is a sampling of the music we play to give you an idea of what you will hear every day on Cosmic Dimensions Radio:

Carlos Nakai
Douglas Spotted Eagle
Dan McClerren
Elaine Silver
Loreena McKennit
David Lanz
and many many more.....

Feature Programs

Meditation Hour
This is one hour of meditation music with no interruptions or station breaks.
The meditation segments include various chants, Native American drumming, nature sounds, and various instruments such as tibeten bowls, crystal bowls, digeradoos and drums.
12 midnight,6am, 9am, 2pm (est)daily

Synchronicity Radio
Synchronicity: the spirituality and wellness radio show. Synchronicity is talk radio for your mind, body and soul. Join host Marie Benard each week for an exploration into spirituality, health, wellness, prosperity and more. Fridays @ 9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern
Awakenings is a converging flow of Spirituality, Transformation, Art, Music & Cultura. In life we come together from many different directions and different points of view yet we meet in the intersection of this converging flow to create and express and in some cases to assist in mapping the out picturing of the expressions of Awakening. It is in the expression of this flow that we reveal and reflect our individual and collective Awakenings...

Awakenings is the place for awakening conversations with artists, musicians, metaphysicians, spiritually minded people and progressive thinkers in their own fields that are waking up, are awake and awakening more and revealing and reflecting their awakening through various means—political, spiritually, through their music, art and way of being in the world. All have the common thread of an awakening and being inspired to do something with this new level of being.

With Michele Meiche’s background as a spiritual life coach, transpersonal healer and intuitive channel she lends a level of understanding and experience from a life lived on a conscious spiritual path. Michele has been termed “the Modern Mystic”. Her belief is that spirituality is to be integrated and lived everyday. In her own words: “You don’t have to go to the Himalayas to have peace of mind and experience enlightened living. You are already enlightened. You are just awakening to this.”

Michele welcomes email suggestions for program topics, feedback and questions to be addressed. Michele has been in the field of Metaphysics, Transpersonal Psychology and Spirituality for over 20ys. She teaches Meditation for Spiritual Unfoldment and other spiritually & metaphysically based classes at Agape Spiritual Center. She has a Life Coaching practice and has hosted and appeared on TV shows that focus on Mind-Body-Spirit, Health, Meditation, the Paranormal and Psychic Phenomena.
For more information on Michele Meiche you can visit her website:
You can listen to the Awakenings podcast archive here

Show airs Sat at 11pm (est) and Sun. at 1pm (est)
Archive shows are aired each weekday at 3pm and 10pm

The Open Door
Tammy Simon hosts a two minute program each hour featuring insights of inspirational authors and spiritual leaders from around the world.
Times vary, but show airs normally near the quater hour.

Beyond the Ordinary
This one hour show is hosted by Nancy and Elena who take a look at our world, discuss life with interesting guest authors and spiritual teachers with expansive and mind opening view points.
Show airs Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday,and Thursday at 12pm (est)

Law of Attraction Talk Radio
Jewels insightfully takes a look at the spiritual life with her perspective on how to live successfully, along with interviews with spiritual authors and teachers.
Show airs Wednesday at 9pm (est).

News for the Soul
This weekly one hour show features teachers and inspirational leaders. Hosted by Nichole Whitney. This show is touted as one of the most influential spiritual radio shows.
Show airs each Monday at 9pm(est)

Journeys with Rebecca
Rebecca Jernigan interviews noteworthy authors and spiritual teachers.
Show airs Tuesday and Saturday from 9 to 11pm
and Thurs and Fri. 9pm(est) for one hour repeats of the Saturday show.

New programs coming soon.

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Michele Meiche
Sat.10pm and Sun.1pm est
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