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"Be as a blade of grass in the wind..."

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Music Submissions

We Intend to be an impetus for new age and ambient musicians

We know there are a lot of very talented musicians with wonderful and inspiring music and we want to do our part to help get it out to the world.

At Cosmic Dimensions Radio we are always on the lookout for new music to add to our playlist. We particularly invite vocal artists to submit their music as we believe there is a great need for more vocal new age/ambient music.

We welcome all musicians to submit their music to us for air play which you can do in several ways. You can send us an email with the files attached, send us the links for us to download from your web site, or mail a CD to our office in Bradenton, Florida, USA.

If you choose to send us compressed files we prefer mp3 or ogg, and of course we will also accept wav files and most other audio formats.

The first step is to write us on our Contact Form
or send us an email at

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It is our Vision to make this radio station the best it can be. For that we need your help. Let us know how we are doing. Please Click to send us your ideas, suggestions and your comments.
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