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Healing List

This feature is brand new so the list will be small to start. Here are the first three healing requests:

Joseph Schneider-----neck herniations and shoulder ac joint area
Angie----------------lower back pain and sciatica
Richard--------------difficult financial crisis
Johnny Eske Thomsen--My soul in fire becuse of lack love, anorexia condition and a bad back
Ignacio Beltrán---------The relationship with my Daughter Dawn, has became distant. I would like to hold her close to my heart in an embrace. Love,Dad.
Michael---------------neck pains

You can hear a short healing show on our radio stream starting soon. This feature will begin following the end of this week and will be aired several times each day with mentions of the people on our healing list and a short energy/prayer session.

To get on our healing list fill in our healing request form

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