Whew….A Busy Couple Days

We don’t know how your week has been, but around here we’ve been very busy. We not only have been putting together the finishing touches of our new blog, but a couple days ago we discovered that the flash players that you find on our Home Page were suddenly alerting a Google message in visitors’ browsers that the site was infected with malware. The flash players linked to the designer’s site which supposedly had been attacked by malware.

And so we were flagged as a dangerous site. Well, not liking that very much, we removed the flash players and replaced them with another version, which by the way, seem to be working better than the originals. And, best of all, we are not alerting the big red message on visitors’ screens. So happy days!

While updating our flash players we also went ahead and did some updating on a couple of our pages, so you might find a thing or two a little different–improved hopefully. One thing you will notice is an update on our Listen Page. We’ve removed a couple old links to servers no longer functioning and cleaned up the page a little. Hopefully it is a little clearer.

Oh, yes, and we also added a Windows Media Player Stream for those of you not liking, or able, to connect to our other servers, and we added a link for those of you who are behind firewalls. That’s for you folks who find it difficult or impossible to listen to the station while on your work computer. Firewalls won’t block port 80 which is the port used for web pages. And it works good, too, for streaming radio.

Now that’s solved.  So good news there!

Nothing like a little bit of change and improvement. It feels good 🙂

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